Information Session in Fort McMurray

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26th Oct 2016

We will be holding an information session in Fort McMurray in the coming weeks.

This summer when Fort McMurray mayor Melissa Blake was asked what she’d like to tell residents of Fort McMurray – and all Albertans – Black simply says, “Strong, resilient, together – we will come back.”

At Peterson & Purvis LLP, Blake’s words ring true to us. Further, and despite the nearly 1000 km’s that separates Fort McMurray from our home community of Lethbridge, we want to offer our assistance.

One recent headline from the CBC news read that “Fort McMurray residents claim ‘nightmare’ dealing with insurance”. In recent years our firm has developed the experience needed to advocate for clients in their dealings with insurers and we have become adept at holding insurance companies to their obligations to deal with their customers fairly and in good faith.

Canadian Courts have held that insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealings to their customers. The courts have elaborated that the contents of this duty includes the obligation to:

1. Assess claims in a balanced and fair manner;

2. Advise the insured of the decision regarding the claim of the reasons for the decision;

3. Pay approved claims in a timely manner;

4. Refrain from requiring an insured to sign away future rights to obtain admitted settlements;

5. Refrain from denying a claim or delaying payment in order to gain leverage or take advantage of an insured’s economic vulnerability.

If you own commercial property, or are a business owner and are facing a situation where you believe your insurance company is not living up to its obligations under your commercial policy of insurance, then we want to talk. We are planning on sending lawyers to Fort McMurray to hold an information session and to facilitate client intake in the coming weeks. Afterwards, we intend to leverage technology to continue to assist clients and to help get them back on their feet in a timely manner. If you are interested in attending this session please email Kevn D. Ronan or Grant N. Van Hal for more details. In the email we ask that you provide us with brief details of your situation.

Kevin D. Ronan
Grant N. Van Hal

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